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  • Katrina Stuart – Blue Roses | Lyrics Video 2019

    You can stop, its alright I don’t wanna hear another Sad excuse, sad excuse, no Black and white, this ain’t right I just wanna see in color, I want love And we know it ain’t love, no I don’t wanna […]

  • FINNEAS – Shelter | Lyrics Video 2019

    There’s no one else Could ever hold me like you do There’s nowhere else That I’d rather be than with you They call us lucky But I think we might be cursed ‘Cause the way you love me I could drink the river dry […]

  • Adam Lambert – Stranger You Are | Lyrics Audio

    Papa told me to stay strong To tighten up my bootstraps Before I get walked on Don’t you give up, ooh yeah Now I’m rockin’ Versace with my dog In my shades Imma slay rodeo y’all Imma f**k up a […]

  • Zanni – Senzatie | Versuri Video 2019

    Cand tragi linie La final sunt esential Pai par anormal Simti senzatie, eh eeh Hora mea te misca fenomenal E tentatie, Zanni e senzational Ia-ma, ia-ma, ia-ma Iar ma vrei, iar ma vrei Ia-ma, ia-ma, ia-ma Ia-ma, ia-ma, haide ia-ma […]

  • Miranda Lambert – Bluebird | Lyrics Video 2019

    Yeah, I’m a turner I turn pages all the time Don’t like where I’m at 34 was bad So I just turn to 35 Yeah, I’m a keeper I keep digging down for the deep Like the records I’m playing […]